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Business Reply Mail Envelopes - 500/Box

Business Reply Mail envelopes are postage free envelopes for your client. Business Reply Mail envelopes are what you need to get PAID faster with USPS approved Business Reply Mail envelopes from Easy Envelopes! "No Postage Necessary" is printed on your envelope along with your permit # a special Zip+4 zip code.

Call Easy Envelopes to order your Business Reply Mail Envelopes!

Buy your Business Reply Mail Envelopes from Easy Envelopes because:

  • Lowest prices!
  • Designed and printed to USPS specs
  • Have Easy Envelopes add your logo for free
  • We will guarantee USPS BRM approval
  • We will design your BRM for FREE
  • We are the BEST at designing and printing business reply envelopes

Many of our clients have had design issues with their BRM envelope until they used Easy Envelopes. We guarantee your envelope will be printed correctly according to USPS business reply mail specifications. If you need a large run of BRM envelopes call or email us doug@easyenvelopes.com today. Click on Paper or Tyvek to see all the sizes available in BRM envelopes.

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A Business Reply Mail envelope (BRM) is prepaid and pre-addressed for your client. Mailers pay an annual fee for a business reply permit. The US Postal Service bills your deposit account for your BRM based on the weight of your envelope. BRM envelopes are very efficient and help the USPS to keep postage costs down. It is very important your BRM envelopes are designed according to US Postal Service specs. Easy Envelopes guarantees postal compliance. Contact your local USPS representative for more information. Easy Envelopes only prints your BRM after receiving verification from the USPS for set-up and printing specs. We provide our customers with an email of acceptance from the USPS if requested. BRM's are available in many sizes, papers and Tyvek, too.

You will need:

  • USPS Deposit Account
  • USPS Business Reply Mail Permit Number
  • USPS Zip +4 for BRE's
  • Computer Ready Business Reply Art

If you have any questions, call Easy Envelopes or call your local USPS representative for more details.

Easy Envelopes can set up your Business Reply Mail envelope to USPS specs if you provide us with your permit #, your mail to address and an accurate BRM zip+4. If we set up the artwork we always get approval from the USPS on your business reply mail envelope proof before printing. We do not charge for BRM art to set up your business reply envelope. If you have computer ready art just email it to doug@easyenvelopes.com.

If you need a product that is not listed on our site, call 612.867.2121 or email our Sales Department at doug@easyenvelopes.com.

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