9x12 Booklet Business Reply Mail Envelope (500/box-carton)

9 x 12 Business Reply Mail Envelope
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9x12 Booklet Business Reply Mail Envelopes - FREE SHIPPING

The 9x12 Booklet (9 X 12) Business Reply Mail Envelope (500/box) is a great size for a BRM Envelope because it fits multiple letter size sheets without folding. Our BRM Envelope is printed on 28# white paper and is available in boxes of 500. When you want your customer to respond in the fastest most efficient manner use BRM envelopes from Easy Envelopes. With BRE's your customer will not have to look for a stamp or visit the post office to mail your envelope. They just put the envelope in the mail - Postage Paid!


You will need:

  • USPS Deposit Account
  • USPS Business Reply Mail Permit Number
  • USPS Zip +4 for BRE's
  • Computer Ready Business Reply Art

If you have any questions, call Easy Envelopes or call your local USPS representative for more details.

Easy Envelopes can set up your Business Reply Mail envelope to USPS specs if you provide us with your permit #, your mail to address and an accurate BRM zip+4. If we set up the artwork we always get approval from the USPS on your envelope proof before printing. We do not charge for BRE art to set up your business reply envelope. If you have computer ready art just email it to doug@easyenvelopes.com. Best of all there is no charge for art with Easy Envelopes.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Financial P, 06/24/2021

The post office was a disaster, hard to navigate the process... Doug was a major help. He not only helped us apply for a BRM permit, he did the artwork for the return envelope and we got them within a week! Can't recommend him enough!

Reviewed by Sarah L, 06/24/2021

As a small business, we really dug through every possible option for BRM envelopes... and Easy Envelopes ended up being the best option. Seriously. I never leave reviews like this, but I really thought it was necessary, in case anyone was on the fence about ordering just because this isn't a "big name" company or some widely recognized flyer spot.

So first things first... these envelopes themselves are SUPER high quality and extremely durable. My business sends them out (in a polymailer bag BTW! Not even a box!!) to customers who are then required to use it to ship paperwork back to us, and it completely withstands that time spent in travel and transit both ways. We've never had a quality issue with the envelopes in terms of printing, structure, or weight. Have never had any postage issues. The envelopes are a bright white and are never dingy. They ship them to us in neat, organized boxes, which makes them super easy to store in our office too. Seriously. These are awesome.

And as for the quality of customer service at Easy Envelopes... they are SO wonderful! Doug is who I speak to and he's literally saved my butt so many times over the last few years. Whenever we're in a pinch or it's crunch time, he ALWAYS pulls through and helps me out. He's seriously a lifesaver -- and so kind and so polite every time we speak too!

So... in short, if you're still "shopping around" or unsure of whether this seems like a reliable company to work with, I really hope you read this review! You won't regret it. :)

P.S. I promise I was not paid for this review haha. I just think it's super important to pay it forward, considering they've done so much for us. We're a small business, and the customer service here had absolutely no reason to give us special treatment... but they've still gone above and beyond every single time. They treat everyone like a VIP or family. It's so admirable. This level of customer service is rare to find nowadays.

P.P.S. Doug, if you're reading this, I hope Easy Envelopes will continue to grow and grow! Easy Envelopes totally deserves it. Looking forward to continuing to give you our business in the future! Haha!

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