Colored Tyvek Catalog Envelopes

Buy Colored Tyvek envelopes for that WOW look. Minimum order is 500 envelopes (1 carton).

Colored Tyvek envelopes are bright light weight and very strong. Colored Tyvek have peel off adhesive for a strong hold. Colored Tyvek envelopes are neutral PH, water and tear resistant. Grab your clients attention with these super strong colorful Tyvek envelopes.

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Red Tyvek Envelopes in cartons of 500
9 x 12 Red Tyvek 14# OE Catalog 500/carton
Zip Stick® Closure
$235.00 - $450.00

Colored Tyvek envelopes are a great way to market your products. Colored Tyvek envelopes are hard to open so your contents will be protected and safe right up to when your client opens them. Buy Colored Tyvek envelopes today at Easy Envelopes.

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