#9 Business Reply Mail 2 color Envelopes (500/box-carton)

BRM 2 color business reply mail envelope
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#9 Business Reply Mail 2 Color Envelopes - FREE SHIPPING

The #9 (3-7/8 X 8-7/8) Business Reply Mail Envelope (500/box) is the most popular BRE because it fits perfectly into a #10 business envelope (4-1/8 X 9-1/2). Our BRE is printed 2 color on 24# white paper and is available in boxes of 500. The #9 works well because it fits an 8-1/2 x 11 letter folded in thirds. When you want your customer to respond in the fastest most efficient manner use BRM envelopes from Easy Envelopes. With BRE's your customer will not have to look for a stamp or visit the post office to mail your envelope. They just put the envelope in the mail - Postage Paid!


You will need:

  • USPS Deposit Account
  • USPS Business Reply Mail Permit Number
  • USPS Zip +4 for BRE's
  • Computer Ready Business Reply Art

If you have any questions, call Easy Envelopes or call your local USPS representative for more details.

Easy Envelopes can set up your Business Reply Mail envelope to USPS specs if you provide us with your permit #, your mail to address and an accurate BRM zip+4. If we set up the artwork we always get approval from the USPS on your envelope proof before printing. We do not charge for BRE art to set up your business reply envelope. If you have computer ready art just email it to doug@easyenvelopes.com. Best of all there is no charge for art with Easy Envelopes.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lisa M, 02/25/2022

I have dealt with a variety of envelope vendors and Doug and Easy Envelopes are exactly what they say they are . . . EASY. They are also responsive, communicative, expedient, and customer service excellence!! I am so happy to have found them and I see a LONG history of use in our future.

Reviewed by Anthony (, 03/03/2021

Our law firm relocated to a new office and was in desperate need of brand new business reply envelopes. Doug was able to walk us through all of the steps necessary to create the envelopes and provided very fast and professional customer service for our firm.

He was able to incorporate our logo into colored business reply envelopes and the results were sharp and beautiful. Our previous business reply envelopes were printed only in black ink and did not incorporate our logo; very plain, boring, and did not represent the quality offered by our brand. Our new envelopes from EasyEnvelopes.com have exceeded our expectations in quality, price, and turnaround time.

If you need high-quality custom printed envelopes for your business; EasyEnvelopes.com is your one-stop-shop for all your needs.

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